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PBM Environmental Engineering offers all services related to environmental technical studies and design from the same house. According to the customer’s needs, we offer planning and expert assistance, for example, in preparing the following reports and plans:

  • baseline report

  • preparation of a gravel extraction plan

  • preparation of a monitoring plan

  • preparation of an action plan

  • preparation of a closure plan

  • Other reports required by environmental authorities


The purpose of the EIA is to provide baseline information on the state of the soil and groundwater before the start of operations.


The gravel extraction plan includes the preparation of a gravel plan to the extent required by the authority. If necessary, surface leveling and surface modeling of the area, installation of groundwater pipes and groundwater sampling, as well as preparation of a permit application are also part of our services.


PBM Environmental Engineering provides planning assistance for the preparation of monitoring, action and closure plans. We can also provide groundwater and surface water monitoring implementation and reporting services related to the plans. Our certified samplers are at your service for field work.

The environmental technical study and planning provides the customer and the authority with sufficient initial information to take the project forward.
Design solutions can be used to weigh the profitability of different alternatives in good time and get the project done profitably.
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