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Groundwater level and groundwater quality play an important role in e.g. groundwater areas, follow-up of soil remediation, planning of construction projects and environmental impact assessment of various activities. The number, location and purpose of the groundwater pipes to be installed must always be planned on a case-by-case basis.


PBM Environmental Engineering services include the preparation of a monitoring plan and the installation of groundwater pipes (PEH plastic) suitable for water sampling. Installations are made with a multi-purpose drill as water or pneumatic drilling.


The groundwater pipe is designed so that it has a sufficient number of strainer (so-called perforated pipe) and extension pipes to find out the necessary information. The groundwater pipe can be protected from vandalism with a metal so-called with vandal tube and lock.


PBM Environmental Engineering services also include groundwater sampling or regular groundwater level monitoring.

The importance of groundwater information has grown in modern times. Groundwater is constantly monitored for its quality and height. The groundwater level has a significant impact on construction projects, but also on design projects. This information should not be guessed but clarified in the context of other studies. A well-designed pipe will serve for a year or decades.
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