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Leakproofness testing of respirators is a statutory test, especially required of asbestos workers, to find out the tightness of a respirator and thus its safety for the user. Respirators are also often used in other work tasks to reduce respiratory exposure to, for example, hardwood or quartz dust.


We can perform leakproofness testing on both full masks and half masks. All disposable protection devices can also be tested, but after the test, the protection device used in the test is no longer suitable as a personal protection device due to the measuring connection to be installed through the protection device. However, the user of the protection will find out whether this type of protection is suitable for him and how this protection can be used as effectively and safely as possible. The effectiveness of disposable masks depends very much on its fit.


In the test method, with the exception of

disposable masks, no holes are made in the protectors to be tested, but the breathing air quality measuring tube required for the test is inserted with an adapter inside the protector through a spacer to be installed in the filter connection. During the test, the leakproofness of the protector can be viewed in real time, allowing the user to search for and learn how to install the protector correctly, as well as make the necessary adjustments to achieve the best possible protection effect.


We can perform leakproofness testing of respirators as needed, either at our premises in Rovaniemi or at the customer’s own premises. Before testing, we need information about the make and models of the full or half masks to be tested.


  • 1 person: 160 €/mask

  • 2 persons: 150 €/mask

  • 4 persons or more: 140 €/mask


Testing the leakproofness and safety of respirators increases employee safety!

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