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PBM Geotechnics’ services include traditional field measurements and surface leveling. Usually, the necessary measurements are made in the context of ground investigation, but they are also successful at any stage of the project.

We make measurements as GPS and total station measurements. Based on the measurement data produced, we prepare high-quality current state images in spatial data in DWG and PDF -format.


The most common assignments for surface painting are, for example:

  • New development of the property plot as well as surface leveling of the nearest street area

  • A survey of the current condition of the yard area of ​​a housing association or property, for example for renovation or repair

  • Checking the height data of the property’s stormwater network or compiling initial data for drainage planning

  • Mapping of cable and wire data for electronic soldering

  • Site markings

  • Plot boundary markings

  • Import of altitude markings on the plot

  • Flood measurements

  • Depression monitoring measurements

  • Other demanding special measurements

The current state survey of the property's height world always serves as a starting point for a repair or renovation project. Without clarifying the baseline, it is not possible to implement the plans cost-effectively or using good solutions.
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FISE Designer of foundation structures, difficulty class difficult, new buildings 

FISE Designer of foundation structures, infra structures, difficulty class conventional

Qualification for an Environmental Sampler No. 993

Niko Lahdenperä

M. Sc. (Eng.)

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