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There are several challenging steps in rehabilitating contaminated soil. PBM Environmental Engineering follows through all the steps from the beginning to the end of the PIMA chain required by the authority.

  • Pollution investigation so-called assessment of the need for rehabilitation

  • PIMA notification

  • Rehabilitation plan or comparison of rehabilitation options

  • Cooperation between authorities

  • Rehabilitation supervision in the field

  • Sampling and follow – up measurements

  • Accurate measurement of excavation areas

  • Final reporting


Our certified samplers are at your service for field work. In addition, we utilize our own laboratory and accredited environmental laboratories to examine samples together with experts in other specialties (including asbestos and contaminants experts).

A surprising discovery of contaminated soil will stop the excavation site immediately and costs can multiply as the site awaits.
A pollution study and rehabilitation plan carried out well in advance of excavation work will improve the cost-effectiveness of the entire site and allow flexibility in the schedule.
Remediation of contaminated soil must not be carried out without the permission of the authority.
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