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The purpose of the ground investigation is to find out the ground conditions of the construction site and their variations. For the further planning of the construction, we study the soil types present in the investigation area, the soil density and its variations, as well as the observations of the groundwater level. In addition, depending on the site, we can study the location of the rock surface as drilling rigs.


The content of the basic research varies from site to site based on previous research results, the content and nature of the site, and the level of complexity. The content of ground investigation usually consists of various drillings, sampling, groundwater level monitoring, and test wells or structural wells. The need and scope of ground investigation is always determined by our responsible ground structure designer.


Drilling diagrams alone cannot be used to assess soil properties, but soil samples are taken during drilling to examine at least soil type, granularity and water content.

Timely ground investigations and related design solutions create a safe, healthy and cost-effective framework for both new and renovation construction.
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Niko Lahdenperä

M. Sc. (Eng.)


Tommi Ahola


Do you need help from our experts?
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Specialist of asbestos and dangerous substances – Certificate of construction No C-25680-33-20

Virve Ruokamo


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