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Moisture controlt is an important part of both the quality control of new sites and the repair planning of sites to be renovated. Our experts also perform moisture surveys after water damage.


The measurement methods used are always selected on a case-by-case basis. The choice of method is influenced by whether the measurement is intended to determine the coatability of the structure, or whether the measurement is related to, for example, delimiting the water damage area or determining the moisture content of the old structure. We carry out structural moisture measurements of concrete structures using either the borehole or sample piece method, in addition to which we also use modern measuring equipment to measure e.g. wood moisture and the conditions of insulation rooms.


A report is always prepared on the moisture measurements we perform, which presents the observations made and the measurement results. In larger sites, the report will be supplemented with subsequent monitoring measurements, which will leave the customer with a uniform measurement report on the project’s moisture control at the end of the project. Wiiste sensors that can be left in the structures can also be installed in new and renovation sites, which can also be used to monitor the moisture content of the structures in the later stages of the building’s life cycle.

Carefully implemented humidity control prevents indoor air problems caused by emissions from floor coverings and microbial damage etc.
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Specialist of asbestos and dangerous substances – Certificate of construction No C-25680-33-20

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