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Asbestos and other harmful substances have generally been used in different construction products for decades.


According to the asbestos legislation, the possible asbestos content of construction materials must be clarified before the demolition works take place in all buildings, which have been completed prior to the year 1994. In addition to asbestos, other health and environmentally harmful substances, such as PAH compounds, PCB containing products, lead and other heavy metals have been used in construction materials. At the end of a building life cycle, analysis of harmful substances are often combined with demolition waste analysis, such as a concrete usability analysis.


Asbestos has generally been used, for example, in construction plates, pipe insulation covers, glues and floor coverings. The recognition of asbestos occurs in the laboratory by analyzing material samples, and, for certain materials, also by organoleptic methods. Other contaminants are mainly analyzed by field and laboratory tests.




Asbestos and harmful substances survey can be performed on the whole property or only on specific areas. The mapping often functions as starting information for project planning and cost accounting, so a sufficiently, comprehensively implemented mapping prevents surprise costs that may arise from repair and demolition works. Our experts perform mappings, among others, for housing associations and the public sector, as well as private persons.



The results from the taken samples are analyzed in FINAS accredited laboratories, after which our
experts perform, among others, inventory and dust assessments of construction products containing asbestos.



A report will always be drawn up regarding asbestos and harmful substances mapping, in which the occurrence of the products containing asbestos and other harmful substances are presented in the investigated
subject. As an annex to the report, mass spreadsheets of asbestos and other necessary annexes are also supplied, for example, for the demolition contractor.

The asbestos legislation concerns all renovations and construction projects, which are made in buildings that are completed prior to the year 1994.

What will be investigated?                    

Asbestos and harmful substances survey examines whether the structures contain:

  • Asbestos-containing materials

  • PAH-containing materials

  • PCB and lead-containing materials

  • Heavy metal containing materials

  • CCA-treated wood materials

  • E-waste

  • Other contaminants, such as materials contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons

  • Utilization possibility of concrete in earth constructions

Carefully implemented asbestos and harmful substances survey prevents surprising costs that may arise from repair and demolition works and delays in construction.


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Specialist of asbestos and dangerous substances – Certificate of construction No C-25680-33-20

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