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Condition surveys use several different methods to determine the overall condition of a building or structural component under study. We determine the research content and the methods to be used on the basis of the specific features of the site and any symptoms experienced in the building.


Condition surveys can be performed on the entire building, in which case the survey is performed on several different components, or alternatively, the condition surveys can be focused on components where there is a suspicion of damage. Condition surveys can also be performed without suspicion of damage, e.g. as a starting point for renovations, so that the facts and construction types that may affect the repair methods used are known at the earliest possible stage of the design process.


The structures examined in the condition survey are opened, and their condition is examined by moisture measurements, material sampling and organoleptic observations. The types of structures and any associated damage and risks are recorded, after which a study report is drawn up with conclusions and proposals for further action. The condition survey can also be combined with the contaminant mapping of the structures under study, in which case potential contaminants can also be taken into account in the repair planning.

The condition of the structures is determined by structural openings, which are checked for e.g. the occurrence of possible damage, the moisture content of the structure and other factors affecting the operation of the structure and indoor air quality.
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Specialist of asbestos and dangerous substances – Certificate of construction No C-25680-33-20

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