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Qualification for an Environmental Sampler No. 971

Terhi Seppänen

Geologist (FM YL)

Concrete can be an almost eternal construction material when under a light strain

We test concrete for both new and older structures. Tests can be performed on site or on samples taken from the site in our laboratory. The most typical strains and damage to concrete are due to the conditions; moisture, freezing and thawing cycles. The strains and the factor vary depending on the location and geographic directions. Reinforcing steels, their quality and location in concrete always play a major role in concrete research.

Concrete condition investigation


A timely condition investigation of the concrete structures of the building enables a more accurate assessment of the aging of the structures and thus the timely maintenance of the various structures, so that the cost of repairs remains moderate and the need for repairs can be well anticipated. It is therefore a good idea to do a facade survey before you see any damage. Typically, the need for research is triggered by the age of the structure. Also when the purpose of the structure changes, the condition of the structure should be determined due to possible changes in the load and strains.

Facade and concrete structure study


We are a member of the Facade Association. We carry out condition surveys of facades, balconies and concrete structures. The condition study usually examines the damage to the concrete structures, the extent of the damage and suggests possible repair methods. A more detailed investigation of the concrete structure may also be necessary if it is suspected that the concrete is weaker than designed. In this case, the concrete of the structure must be examined and structural test pieces must be taken from the structure.



Sampling can be done on all types of structures. When sampling a structure, structural specimens are drilled with a diamond drill for testing. Generally, structural test pieces are tested for compressive strength or tensile strength.

Quality assurance testing


Our services are also used as part of quality assurance. In the repair of bridges, tensile tests are used to determine, for example, the amount of concrete to be removed and to ensure that the new casting adheres to the old structure. We test the compressive strength of concrete from test specimens made in connection with concrete casting.



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