PBM Geotechnics



Our geodesigners help with the structural design of house projects, street and area projects, and yard area planning.

Surface leveling and field measurements

We make measurements as GPS and total station measurements. Based on the measurement data, we prepare high-quality current state images in spatial data.
Ground investigation
The ground investigation studies the ground conditions of the construction site and their variations. Ground investigation is an important part of both new construction and renovation.

On-Site Quality Control

With quality control of foundation construction, you can avoid high repair costs. We carry out quality control with tightness tests (Troxler) or load-bearing tests (plate load test).
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Niko Lahdenperä
M. Sc. (Eng.)

FISE Designer of foundation structures, difficulty class difficult, new buildings 

FISE Designer of foundation structures, infra structures, difficulty class conventional 

Qualification for an Environmental Sampler No. 993