PBM Environmental Engineering


Concrete recycling

Before dismantling the structures, we study the usability of the concrete so that the clean concrete can be dismantled separately into a reusable material.

Remediation of contaminated soil

Remediation of contaminated soil (PIMA) must not be carried out without the permission of the authority. A surprising discovery of contaminated soil will stop the excavation site immediately and costs can multiply as the site awaits.

Groundwater pipe installation

Groundwater level and groundwater quality play an important role in e.g. groundwater areas, follow-up of soil remediation, planning of construction projects and environmental impact assessment of various activities. The number, location and purpose of the groundwater pipes to be installed must always be planned on a case-by-case basis.

Water sampling and analysis

Water sampling and water quality monitoring are an integral part of many environmental studies. The quality of groundwater and domestic water can only be determined by research.

Environmental Technical Report and Planning

The environmental technical study and planning provides the customer and the authority with sufficient initial information to take the project forward. Design solutions can be used to weigh the profitability of different alternatives in good time and get the project done profitably.

Environmental Investigation

There are several reasons for determining the condition of the soil, such as real estate transactions, the removal of an oil tank, or the observation of pollution. We implement the PIMA chain from start to finish.
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Niko Lahdenperä
M. Sc. (Eng.)

FISE Designer of foundation structures, difficulty class difficult, new buildings 

FISE Designer of foundation structures, infra structures, difficulty class conventional 

Qualification for an Environmental Sampler No. 993