conrete laboratory

In our PBM Arctic concrete laboratory, we can very comprehensively perform tests on hardened concrete. The services of the laboratory are used as part of quality control, preliminary tests for concrete and condition research of concrete structures.

The following tests are covered by FINAS accreditation:

  • SFS-EN 12390-3 Compressive strength of test specimens
  • SFS-EN 12390-5 Flexural strength of test specimens
  • SFS-EN 12390-7 Density of hardened concret
  • SFS-EN 12390-8 Depth of penetration of water under pressure
  • By 72 Quality control of concrete 1, Determination of air-void-system parameters from thin sections.
  • CEN/TS 12390-9 and CEN/TR 15177 Frost resistance, slab teste
  • SFS 5445 Tensile strength
  • SFS 5446 Bond strength
  • SFS-EN 12504-2 Determination of rebound number
  • SFS-EN 12504-1 Compressive strength of drilled test pieces

In addition, we can perform the following tests that are not covered by FINAS accreditation:

  • Splitting tensile strength of test specimens

The tests included in the accredited area of competence are provided on request and can be viewed on the website

In our soil laboratory, we can also perform tests on concrete aggregates related to their requirements.

The majority of the concrete testing in our laboratory is FINAS- accredited

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Qualification for an Environmental Sampler No. 971