PBM Building Investigation


Asbestos & Harmful Substances Investigation

According to the Asbestos Act, before demolition work, the possible asbestos content of building materials must be determined in all buildings completed before 1994.

Moisture surveys and moisture control

Carefully implemented humidity control prevents indoor air problems caused by emissions from floor coverings and microbial damage, among other things.

Condition Assessments

The condition assessment is a basic tool for the managed and planned maintenance and renovations of every housing association. The condition assessment can be carried out either for the entire property, or focused only on the bathrooms, for example.
Condition Surveys
In the condition survey, the condition of the structures is determined by structural openings, which are checked e.g. the occurrence of possible damage, the moisture content of the structure and other factors affecting the operation of the structure and indoor air quality.


Thermogrpahy quickly provides a clear picture of the thermal performance of structures. The measurement is based on the thermal radiation emanating from the surface of the object to be measured, in which case, for example, cold bridges and air leaks can be located cost-effectively by means of thermography.

Radon measurements

Radon is an odorless and tasteless radioactive gas rising from the soil that is commonly found in indoor air and causes about 300 cases of lung cancer each year.

Indoor Air Investigation

High-quality and healthy indoor air is a basic need for the well-being of building users. There are several factors that affect indoor air quality, which is why a research plan for each site is always drawn up on a case-by-case basis.

Airightness measurements and air leak detection

The airtightness measurement is used to determine the airtightness of the structures and the location of leakage points. With airtightness measurement, you get valuable information about the quality of construction and possible construction defects.

Air Raid shelter inspections

The renovation and maintenance of the shelters is the responsibility of the property owner. According to the Rescue Act, shelters should be maintained in such a condition that they can be put into service within 72 hours, in addition to which the tightness of the shelters must be checked at least once every 10 years in accordance with the above-mentioned law.
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