Arctic testing

we have two premises for the arctic testing

Condition hall

Temperature can be regulated between +30 … -40 °C in the bigger condition hall. Furthermore, wind and rain conditions can be created in the premises; both the wind speed and air humidity can be regulated. It is possible, for example, to perform tests with icy rain or test the cold start properties of different engines. The premises is equipped with an exhaust system for hot gases and a gas extinguishing system.

The dimensions of the premises:

  • width 5,4m
  • length 12m
  • height 2,4m-3,4m. 

Contidion room

Temperature can be regulated between +70 … -40 °C in the smaller contidion room. A predefined cycle with certain air humidity can be run in the condition room.

The dimensions of the premises:

  • width 3,8m
  • length 2m
  • height 2,2m.

Combined premises

Our condition premises are connected to each other, making it possible to test, for example, different external wall structures, windows and doors. Conditions that are equal that of Finnish winter can be created for the different sides of the product. The gap between the premises is ca. 2 x 2 meters.

Different construction materials, products and goods are always exposed to the conditions of the surrounding world.

In Finland, varying conditions cause challenges that are bigger than usual due to the seasons, which differ from each other significantly. For example, we often want the indoor temperature in our homes to remain at a comfortable +20 °C, while the temperature outdoors can vary between summer and winter by over 80 °C. This sets tough requirements for the materials used in construction.

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