Arctic testing

Various building materials, products and goods are always exposed to the conditions of the world around them. In Finland, these conditions pose greater challenges than usual due to significantly different seasons. For example, we often want the indoor temperature in our homes to stay comfortable all year round at a temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius, while the outdoor temperature can vary between summer and winter by as much as 80 degrees. This places high demands on the materials used. Our condition premises are suitable for testing products under temperature and humidity stress.


In our condition room, the temperature can be adjusted between +70 and -40 degrees Celsius. In the condition room, a predetermined temperature cycle can be run at a certain humidity. Room size: width 3.8 m, length 2 m, height 2.2 m.

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Terhi Seppänen
Geologist (FM YL)

Qualification for an Environmental Sampler No. 971