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40 years of comprehensive construction expert services!

”PBM has had time to grow to a glorious age of almost 40 years. The whole name of our company, Pohjois-Suomen Betoni- ja Maalaboratorio (Concrete & Soil Testing Laboratory of Northern Finland), remains a descriptive reference of where we first started. Over the years, we have become better acquainted with the abbreviation PBM and our operations have extensively expanded from concrete and soil investigations to cover various areas of construction.

We have grown as a company and in our operations by listening to our customers and I could say that our customers have shaped us into what we are today. I am particularly grateful to all of our customers for it and the abbreviation PBM tells, now and in the future, of our company's comprehensive expertise regarding construction.”

Jani Norvapalo

Our story so far

PBM began its operations in 1983 by first performing ground investigations of the soil in the Lapland region. However, operations developed fast and a year later an advanced compression testing machine was acquired by the company. At the time, there were only two machines of this same level in Finland.

Ground investigations and field measurements were, at first, primarily made with traditional tools, such as hand augers, measuring tapes, ranging rods, prismatic squares and leveling instruments. Tools and the extent of operations developed gradually, and soon professionals from different construction sectors could comprehensively be found from our company due to the testing and innovations in the laboratory, and due to the various investigation needs of customers. The company expanded to offer its services to regional planning and structural engineering, contamination investigation of soil, asbestos mappings and indoor air investigations.

Comprehensive multitasker

Over the decades of our operations, we have transformed from a concrete, structural engineering and geotechnics expert organization into our current form, which is a cross-sectoral and comprehensive professional in the expert tasks of the construction sector.

We know the customer's needs

Our goal is to strengthen our versatile know-how in different areas of construction. We want to respond to the ever changing investigation requirements of our customers, and find solutions to the upcoming challenges in the ver changing building, indoor air, and environmental expert tasks.

We stay on the cutting edge

We also invest constantly in education and research, in order to serve you with the sector’s up-to-date and best knowledge, yet still respecting our history.

ISO 9001 Quality Management

PBM’s operations have been certified with an ISO 9001 quality management certificate since April 21, 2022, based on an audit conducted by Bureau Veritas. The quality project sets us clear goals to review and develop our operations now and in the future.

Our services and their operational quality are based on customer expectations and the professional and high-quality operation of our company. We have identified customer expectations, laws and regulatory requirements that are set for us and take them into account in all our activities. We constantly monitor and measure our quality management.

The well-being and training of our personnel are an important part of our operations, so that we can serve our customers efficiently and always with up-to-date information. With shared rules and values, we create opportunities for our staff to work in the best way possible. We operate in accordance with the principles of quality management and comply with the documents prepared for ERP. Quality management is an ongoing process to which PBM’s management and staff are all committed.

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