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Construction expert services for 40 years

Construction expert services for 40 years

We serve both new construction and renovators, working in expert positions at all stages of construction throughout the building’s life cycle. Read more about our service areas and contact our experts below.

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We investigate and test the various properties of concrete and soil, perform condition testing of building materials and perform tightness tests of masks.

PBM Arctic serves

PBM Arctic

We perform ground investigation in all phases of construction. Ground investigations are an important part of the cost-effectiveness of construction.

Geotechnics serves

PBM Geotechnics

Our building investigation experts perform, for example, condition surveys, indoor air surveys, air raid shelter inspections, radon measurements and thermographies.

Building Investigation serves

PBM Building Investigation

Every year, we carry out several dozens of contaminated soil studies and act as remediation supervisors at various sites as required by the authorities.

Environmental Engineering serves

Environmental Engineering
We serve different kinds of customers

Cities and municipalities

Construction companies & contractors

Private persons

Property managers

Terraced house & apartment building companies



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